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Second Class

Fáilte Romhat go Rang a Dó

Have a look at everything we’ve been up to in 2nd class this term below!

We’ve had a very busy term up until Christmas.

We created some wonderful Christmas Art. Our “Christmas Trees” were made using rolled up pieces of coloured paper, (we rolled the paper tightly around our pencils) stuck onto blue card. We added crepe paper for the snow covered ground and used painted q-tips to add the snow falling in the background.

We designed some very festive “Snow Globes” using oil pastels.

Our “Parading Polar Bears” were created using a combination of both oil pastels and chalks.

In Science, we were learning about the importance of Light for all Living Things. Over several weeks we conducted an experiment where one set of seedlings were deprived of light whilst the second set of seedlings had exposure to Light. All of the other conditions (water, soil etc.) were the same. As you can see from the photos, the seedlings that were  deprived of Light did very poorly in comparison.

Also in Science, we studied Magnets and their properties. We experimented with and tested the strength of magnets, if they could pull through certain materials and we learned about opposites attracting and likes repelling. It was super fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed our school “Breakfast Morning”. We devoured some delicious sausages and toast. There was even options for vegetarians!

We kicked off our first week back at school with an alphabet scavenger hunt. We were learning in a fun, relaxed and natural way. Who said learning can’t be fun while outside?!

We are very lucky in our school to now be getting hot lunches delivered right to our door. We have a great menu to choose from  each day and the food is delicious!!!

We have been working hard in Art, exploring all about primary and secondary colours. We had great fun experimenting and mixing to create our own secondary colours.  Check out our colourful snails!

Autumn is a wonderful time to spot changes in Nature and the world around us. We did a minibeast and leaf hunt identifying as many of both as we could. As you can see, we were very successful!

Continuing our Autumn theme into Art, we chose tree leaves we had found on our hunt to inspire our ‘Shattered Leaf Art’. We included oak, sycamore,  horse chestnut and beech leaves. We achieved the shattered look by cutting the leaf into jigsaw pieces and placing each shape back down with a little space between each, showing the black background.  They are very effective!