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Second Class

Fáilte romhat go Rang a Dó

We have been very busy here in Second class creating some wonderful artwork and working on our spelling skills.

Halloween Art

Ms. O’ Growney’s class painted colourful backgrounds and put halloween silhouettes on them. Ms. Smith created Halloween silhouette pictures. 

We have started a new spellings programme called Spellings for me! We spent the first few weeks working online to discover our individual learning words and becoming familiar with the activities we are going to use to help learn our spellings.  

Self Portraits

We’re enjoying hanging about in 2nd class.

Mixed coloured snails

We mixed primary colours to create new colours. 

Safari Sunset Art

As part of our “Africa” learning theme we completed our Safari Sunsets using sponge painted backgrounds and black painted silhouettes.


We are thrilled that G.A.A coaching has recommenced in Second Class

Collage 2021-05-06 17_38_36

We learned about the Russian artist Kandinsky and replicated his artwork “Squares with Concentric Circles”.


We created beautiful “Spring Flowers” using folded card techniques.


We had lots of fun in Science with magnets. They experimented with what materials magnets could pull through, how to test the strength of a magnet and how to make a temporary, homemade magnet.

Collage 2021-05-06 17_44_42

We had some Fun in the Sun in late April

Collage 2021-05-06 17_40_09

In Art we created some very artistic and beautiful pinch pots. We used PVA glue as a varnish at the end to make them shiny!

Collage 2021-05-06 17_41_31