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In Class Support  in Senior Infants

Ms Sullivan and Ms Brady’s class have been taking part in Literacy stations during in class support with Ms Shields. They have been busy practising their reading, oral language and writing skills. The children are completing paired reading activities, independent reading and free writing 🙂


EAL Class

In September we were working on the topics of myself, my family and the body.

In October we have been focusing on school, numbers, colours, sounds and Halloween.

We have really settled into our EAL groups and are working really well, retaining lots of new vocabulary!

Integration in First Class

There has been lots of integration happening with the boys and girls from the Orchard and 1st class. Reverse integration happens every week where the boys and girls from The Orchard get to go to the Aistear room, playground or take part in social games and activities with Ms Shields, to explore and learn through play, to help enhance their social and communication skills with pupils from 1st class. They have been having lots of fun.



Guided Reading in First Class

We have started Guided Reading this year in both first classes. Ms Mc Govern has been working alongside the First Class teachers Ms Cooney and Ms Cunningham to facilitate this new initiative in first class. Both classes do guided reading for 40 minutes once a week. Two groups work with the class teacher and two groups work with the SET teacher over the course of the 40 minutes. While the two groups are working with a teacher, the other three groups are engaging in independent activities which include spelling practise, silent reading and free. The children are really enjoying the Guided Reading sessions and are already starting to show progress in terms of their reading ability. They are loving the new books they get each week.

Reading Recovery

Ms Mc Govern is working with four pupils doing Reading Recovery this year. Two pupils from Senior Infants and Two pupils from 1st class. Each of the pupils goes to Ms Mc Govern for 30 minutes each day to read books, work on words and do writing. See below some of the writing the pupils have been doing with Ms Mc Govern’s help. For more information about Reading Recovery, see the link below.




Literacy Groups

In Ms Mc Govern’s Room we have been working really hard on our word to word matching while reading and reassembling our own cut up sentences.

Writing Time

We’ve also been working on our writing and practising words on our whiteboards so as to improve our spelling skills. We have also been writing some questions and practising our question marks.

Reward time

The children have been working so hard in Ms Mc Govern’s room that sometimes they get to go to  the sensory room as a reward for their hard work.

3rd Class Numeracy
In our maths this week in Foxe’s Class the boys and girls have been doing 2D shapes and did a 2D trail. They had to draw and label the different 2D shapes they saw- square, rectangle, oval, hexagon, circle, semi circle.

3rd Class Literacy

In Ms Foxe’s literacy groups we have been working on comprehensive skills, this week we read a story about a haunted house which they really enjoyed! 

It’s Christmas Time
We have been busying getting ready for Christmas in Ms Mc Govern’s room. We decorated our Christmas door with our spiralling snowmen and as you can see we’re hoping for some snow this Christmas!!!

The boys and girls in St. Clare’s N.S. have been working really hard in their EAL classes with Ms. Smith. They have learned lots of new vocabulary from different themes and topics such as the weather, food, clothes, transport and travel, plants and people who help us. 

The children really enjoyed learning about people who help us, especially the doctor.  We are currently learning about spring and the children are always developing their communicative proficiency. 

EAL pupils are rewarded for trying their best in their lessons with Ms. Smith. They enjoy going to the Aistear room or the ball pit room as their reward.

Fun in the Sun

We decided to take our reading outside to the sensory garden when we had some sunny days, We really enjoyed doing our lessons outside!!

Oral Language skills

We have been developing our oral language skills, particularly our questions skills while playing the game ‘Guess who’

Magical Writing in SET

We have been busy writing about different stories we have read in the SET classroom.

We have been busy learning about places in our community and for reverse integration we got to build some lego and dress up in the aistear room!!

We explored the new areas around our school. Here is our bike station.

We are concentrating on making the correct choice of letters for our name.

We developed our gross motor skills by making our way around the obstacle course in our school playground.


Our new Ukranian children have settled very well into St. Clare’s N.S. We have been working really hard learning English with Ms. Smith. We have also been enjoying different activities during their EAL classes. We love baking, going to the ball pit and sensory room, taking part in yoga, playing with Lego and exploring in the aistear room.