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English Language Class

A warm St. Clare’s welcome to all our newcomer pupils this year!


A warm St. Clare’s welcome to all our newcomer pupils!  The school welcomed many students from a diversity of international backgrounds this year including from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Thailand and Brazil.  This is along with the many nationalities of pupils who already attend the school and make St. Clare’s a really multi-cultural, multi-lingual, diverse and inclusive school.  While many of our international students are now fluent English speakers, some of our newer pupils will attend English language classes which this year will be taken by Mr. Crudden and Ms. Browne.  See pictures of our two groups of English Language pupils below!







Station Teaching in St Clare’s

Our SET teachers have been very busy and  have gotten off the year to a brilliant start with maths stations in 2nd class and 5th class and English stations in 6th class, for this term. All the children are loving the variety of the stations and have been making great progress with their English and maths skills. Photos to follow.


Lift Off to Literacy

First class have been involved with stations in Literacy, with Lift off to Literacy having just finished in Ms Brady’s First class. We look forward to moving into Senior Infants now. We introduced a tablet station this year to Lift Off and all the boys and children are loving the new station.

Reading Recovery

Ms Mc Govern is doing Reading Recovery again this year, with four pupils from First class. The children  doing Reading Recovery go out every day for 30 minute lessons where they do letter work, write a short story and read a new book and some familiar books each day. The children have been working so hard for this term and our making great progress so far.



Lego Theraphy

Some of the boys and girls have been enjoying lego theraphy in Ms Mc Kelvey and Ms Mc Cahey’s room




Maths Station in Fourth Class

Fourth class have been enjoying their maths stations. Check out some of what they’ve been up to.


Maths Stations in Second class.

Second Class have been working very hard at their maths stations.