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Mr O’Connor’s Room

We’ve been working on our describing skills, here we are describing our alien friends to each other


Becoming mathematicians



Here we are ordering decimal numbers in maths class.



Building words

We’ve been busy building words in Ms Mc Govern’s room. This week we’re forming words with the ‘ai/ay’ sounds



Letter sorting in Reading Recovery

We have been busy sorting letters into small, tall and letters with tails in Ms Mc Kelvey’s room. Aren’t we brilliant at letter sorting!!!

Our Community Walk

During the month of May in English Language class we are learning all about the places in our local community. Ms Cunningham and Ms. McKenna brought our English Language pupils for a walk all around Ballyjamesduff, where we were warmly greeted by both townspeople and shopkeepers alike!

We made lots of stops along the way-the Garda Station, church, Post Office, bank, library, fire station, charity shops and international food-stores to name but a few. A special thanks to the very kind Mr. Cronin who generously provided us with some tasty treats as we passed by his shop-it was a lovely surprise!

We talked about all the different shops, businesses and facilities that we are lucky to have in our town. We even stopped to say hello to one of Ballyjamesduff’s most famous residents-Percy French! We learned alot about our locality and had great fun on our morning out.

Ballyjamesduff is a great place to live!

Pancake Tuesday


On Pancake Tuesday, we made pancakes. We had toppings of marshmallows, chocolate, butter, sugar and golden syrup. They tasted yummy! We used procedural writing to learn the steps of how to make pancakes and we had great fun! 





Learning about animals in Ms Mc Kenna and Ms Cunningham’s English Language Class

“We have been learning all about different animals in English Language Class during the month of March.  One Tuesday morning along with Ms.McKenna and Ms.Cunningham, the children went for a walk around the school looking for different types of animals in the locality.  They were able to identify the different animals that we came across.  The children really enjoyed this activity.



Fun activities in Ms Mc Kelvey’s Room

The children in Ms Mc Kelvey’s SET have been having lots of fun doing lots of practical activities with pegboards, sorting letters into small, tall and with a tail and doing activities to develop their fine motor skills.




Travel and Transport


We have been learning all about Travel and Transport in English Language Class during the month of January. When we had learned lots of new words for different forms of transport, we went outside to do a transport audit and observe the various types of transport passing our school one Friday morning. We recorded, analysed and presented our results and were delighted to see such a variety of vehicles travelling through Ballyjamesduff. It was a fun activity!


Maths Stations in Junior Infants and 3rd Class

Our Junior Infants and 3rd Class are really enjoying their maths stations. Maths stations started in January with Junior Infants working on Ready Set Go Maths and 3rd Class stretching their mathematical knowledge working on number, tables, and shape.


Lift Off to Literacy

We’ve just finished Lift off in Ms Brady’s Class and we are delighted with the progress all the boys and girls have made. The children thoroughly enjoyed their 5 weeks of Lift Off and were sorry to see it finish. Next we’re Off to Ms Mc Aleer’s Senior Infants in January!!

Christmas Cards

We decided to spread some festive cheer with our own handmade  Christmas cards.



Favourite Clothes Show

We have been learning all about ‘Clothes’ in English Language Class during the month of December. When we had learned lots of new words for all of the different types of clothes, we did a ‘Show and Tell’ of our favourite items of clothing. Each of us brought in something from home that we love to wear, showed it to our friends and talked about it. From woolly winter hats, colourful onesies, an Ireland jersey, pyjamas, comfy dressing gowns, gloves, cosy coats and beautiful dresses, everyone had lots to talk about! It was great fun. Look at us showing off our favourite clothes in the pictures above-don’t we look well?!!


Third Class Numeracy Groups

We are learning all the different ways to make 40 using different colour links”


Literacy Groups in 6th Class

Mr Smith’s and Mrs Fitzpatrick’s 6th classes have enjoyed doing Literacy groups over the last 6 weeks.  In different groups the students have been: reading fiction texts, doing SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) work and completing independent reading comprehension tasks.  S.E.T teachers Mr. McTeggart and Mr. Crudden have come into both classrooms to support this scheme.  6th class students have given lots of positive feedback about these Literacy groups and they will hopefully get another opportunity to take part in them later in the academic year.

Ms Mc Govern’s Room

We have been having great fun with the writing folder which we get to turn turns having at home each night. The folder contains envelopes, cards, coloured card, stickers and lots more so we can create any piece of writing we want. Here are some sample of what we made.


We worked on different styles of writing in Ms Mc Govern’s room. We designed  some tasty menus and some pretty thank you cards for special people in our lives that we wanted to say thank you to.


lift off 1Lift Off to Literacy lift off 1

We started Lift Off to Literacy in Ms Mulvey’s Class on Monday 18th September and we finished up on Thursday 19th October. All the children enjoyed the lift off  and were sad to see it end. We we delighted with the results from it and we saw some great improvements in reading and writing.We will move to Ms Bradys’  class after the Halloween break.

Lift off consists of 5 stations. The children have Lift Off every day for 50 minutes from Monday to Thursday. The stations include the Familiar Reading Station, the Writing/Word Work station, the New Book station, the Comprehension station and the Free Writing station. 

lift off 2

reading recovery 1

We have One in a ‘Minion’ reasons to love reading here in Reading Recovery


Ms Mc Govern and Ms Mc Kelvey are doing Reading Recovery in the school this year and are currently working with 6  children from first class between them with a view to move into senior infants later in the year.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention twenty week Programme for Senior Infant and First class children, aged between 5 years 9 months and 6 years 6 months. It was devised by Marie Clay of New Zealand. 

Children are identified for reading recovery by teacher observation and by completion of reading recovery tests. These children are children who appear to be not making the same progress as their peer group in reading and writing.

Reading Recovery children engage in daily lessons (one child and reading recovery teacher working together).

1) Familiar Reading

2) Magnetic Letter Work

3) Co-construction of a story

4) Introduction of New Book.

Each lesson is at each individual child’s level.  The progress noted during the lesson provides the teacher with the information to plan the next lesson for the child.

Children complete the programme when Book Level 18 is reached in Senior Infants or Book Level 20 in First Class.  Progress is monitored, after completion of the programme and the children are retested at three and six month intervals. If a child is not making reasonable progress on the programme, they are discontinued and referred for further assessment.

Throughout the programme children develop confidence, fluency, independence and enjoyment from the reading and writing activities. They also develop excellent word attack and decoding skills which transfer into literacy in the class.


   reading recovery 2









eal clip artSt. Clare’s N.S.Language Support Class eal clip art

Ms Cunningham and Ms Mc Kenna


A warm St. Clare’s welcome to all our newcomer pupils this year.


In the final days of August, our school extended a warm St. Clare’s welcome to seventy-five new pupils from junior infants to sixth class.  Among our new pupils this year are forty-one newcomer children from a diversity of international backgrounds including Poland, Latvia, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Brazil, Botswana, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and China. With our pupil population now hailing from not alone these countries but Thailand, Afghanistan, Malta, Portugal, South Africa, Belarus, The Philippines, Italy, Pakistan and the U.S.A., St. Clare’s really is a multicultural, diverse and inclusive school!

Different pupils from different places,

each and every one our school embraces!

Céad míle fáilte roimh gach páiste chuig Scoil Náisiúnta Cláir Naofa.