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English Language Class

A warm St. Clare’s welcome to all our newcomer pupils this year!

In the final days of August, our school extended a warm St. Clare’s welcome to seventy new pupils from junior infants to sixth class. Among our new pupils this year are thirty-three newcomer children from a diversity of international backgrounds including Poland, Latvia, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova, Brazil, Botswana, Nigeria and China. With our pupil population now hailing from not alone these countries but Thailand, Afghanistan, Portugal, South Africa, Belarus, The Philippines, Pakistan, Malta, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom, St. Clare’s really is a multicultural, multi-lingual, diverse and inclusive school!
While many of our international pupils are now fluent English speakers, some of our newer pupils will attend English language classes which, this year, will be taken by Ms. Cunningham and Mr. Crudden. See pictures of our two groups of English Language class pupils below!






Travel and Transport

We have been learning all about Travel and Transport in English Language Class during the month of January. When we had learned lots of new words for different forms of transport, we went outside to do a transport audit and observe the various types of transport passing our school one Monday morning. We recorded, analysed and presented our results and were delighted to see such a variety of vehicles travelling through Ballyjamesduff. It was a fun activity!


























Our Community Walk

During the month of May in English Language class we are learning all about the places in our local community. Ms Cunningham and Mr. Crudden, with the help of Ms. Coleman, brought our English Language pupils for a walk all around Ballyjamesduff, where we were warmly greeted by both townspeople and shopkeepers alike!

We made lots of stops along the way-the Garda station, church, Post Office, bank, Credit Union, library, fire station, charity shops, dental surgery, health centre, bakery and international food-store to name but a few.

We talked about all the different shops, businesses and facilities that we are lucky to have in our town. We even stopped to say hello to one of Ballyjamesduff’s most famous residents-Percy French! We learned alot about our locality and had great fun on our morning out.

Ballyjamesduff is a great place to live!




Station Teaching in St Clare’s

Our SET teachers have been very busy and  have gotten off the year to a brilliant start with maths stations in 2nd class and English stations in 6th class, for this term. All the children are loving the variety of the stations and have been making great progress with their English and maths skills. Checkout some of the work that has been done in the maths stations below.


Lift Off to Literacy

First class have been involved with stations in Literacy, with Lift off to Literacy kicking off before Christmas in both classes. The children loved getting a new book to read each day and loved  participating in the  daily writing and word word activities. All the teachers involved were very impressed with the progress all the boys and girls have made since starting Lift Off. Lift Off to Literacy has now moved to Senior Infants.



Reading Recovery

Ms Mc Govern is doing Reading Recovery again this year, with four pupils from First class. The children  doing Reading Recovery go out every day for 30 minute lessons where they do letter work, write a short story and read a new book and some familiar books each day. The children have been working so hard for this term and our making great progress so far.



Literacy and Well-being 

During well- being week, all the pupils in St. Clare’s engaged in mindfulness sessions each morning, mindfulness exercises were broadcasted through the intercom each day. One child who goes out to Ms Mc Kelvey’s room really enjoyed the Mindfulness sessions and wrote about it in her writing activity. Check out her story on mindfulness below.


Hot Chocolate Party

Ms Mc Kay’s Student had a hot chocolate party as a reward for all their hard work in the SET room.







Mr. Crudden’s senior EAL students have enjoyed learning about different people who help us and discussing the jobs they would like to do in the future.  Here they are rightly proud of their work.’

Maths Stations

Here are a group from 6th class working on some maths problems! 6th class have maths stations every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ms. McKenna and Ms. McKay help out and everyone works in small groups on various maths topics! 





We have enjoyed reading lots of different books in Ms Mc Govern’s room and we wrote a little about some of the books we have read, using our best handwriting



Writing in Reading Recovery

We had lots of news to share in our Reading Recovery lessons. Check out some of our written activities below!!







World Book Day

Here is Ava from Ms Mc Kelvey’s room writing her own stories on World Book Day









Fine Motor Skills work in Ms Payne and Ms Mc Kelvey’s room

The pupils in Ms Mc Kelvey and Ms Payne’s room have been busying working on developing their fine motor skills