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First Class

Fáilte Romhat go dtí Rang a hAon!


Have a look at everything we’ve been up to in 1st class this term below!

Term Two was a busy one in 1st class! We were very creative with lots of imaginative art-making taking place in our classroom. Among our many artistic endeavors this term were our Celebrations pictures, Grandparents’ Day designs, St. Brigid’s Day matchstick crosses, St. Valentine Day lovebugs and LOVE prints and our very cute Spring lambs.

It has been a very busy term in 1st class, learning lots of new things,
being creative, celebrating special occasions, enjoying football coaching
and creative dance sessions, continuing our Maths Stations and Guided
Reading activities and having endless fun at the same time!


We have been very creative in Rang a hAon and each week love to
immerse ourselves in art-making. We designed rockets when we were
exploring the theme of space in Science and were really proud of our
colourful and cute winter penguins we displayed outside our classroom.
Returning to school after our Christmas break, we learned all about
different celebrations and created firework scenes to depict the New
Year festivities we recently celebrated.




We have been working hard to improve our maths skills, using our school
tablets for lots of interactive games and activities and most recently
learned all about how to use our fingertips, hand-spans and strides to
measure different items in the classroom and in the schoolyard.
Learning about length was fun!


John Lovett spent a few weeks helping us to improve on our football
skills last term also. We really loved our weekly Gaelic football coaching
sessions and hope he comes back again soon!




Dance is part of P.E. too and we were really lucky to work with our
Creative Dance coach for a number of weeks in November where we
learned some really impressive dance moves which we performed for the
infant classes.



It is a rare treat to enjoy breakfast with your classmates but that is
exactly what we did in November. Mr. McCartin and our SNAs put on a
real early morning feast that every class thoroughly appreciated. Here’s
to an annual Big Breakfast in St. Clare’s N.S.!


Science Week as celebrated last term also and we carried out lots of
experiments based on the theme of light during that week, examining
various materials to discover which were transparent, translucent or
opaque. Being a scientist is a very interesting job!



All our hard work deserves a reward and when we managed to complete
our class behaviour chart, we earned ourselves a Pyjama Party. How
unusual to wear our pyjamas to school but what a comfy day we had and
the party was brilliant! We are hoping that perhaps next term we may
be lucky enough to win a pizza party for trying our best both in our work
and at play. Fingers crossed!


First class has had a busy start to our new school year. We were delighted to be back at school, having fun with our friends and learning lot of new things. We stay at school for an extra hour each day now and have time to learn even more than we did as infants! We welcomed a new pupil to our class too. His name is Mantas. Our Hot Air Balloon art activities made us all feel ready to launch into our new school year. We designed other cool art and crafts creations this term also, such as magic colour-wheel eyes with special super-powers, dingle-dangle scarecrows and finger-print Autumn Trees. 


We have been really lucky in St. Clare’s N.S. to see the delivery of hot lunches to all classrooms this year. So far, they are a great success and we have enjoyed some very tasty lunches since returning to school.

We have had lots of fun stretching our maths brains this term. We are trying hard to improve our mental maths skills and have been playing dice and card games to help us become marvellous mathematicians. Sometimes we play maths games in pairs or in groups but sometimes we play on our own too.



We have also been working on 2-D shapes recently. We used our school tablets to find examples of different 2-D shapes in our classroom. We then presented our photos to the rest of the class. It was fun!

As part of our history lessons, we explored how we have grown and changed since birth. We brought in baby photos and tried to work out who was who! Now that was tricky as we have all changed A LOT!  We worked in groups to create growth timelines and displayed them in our classroom alongside our baby photos. 




[INSERT PICS-Google Drive File: Autumn Walk]

We found so many different leaves that, when we returned to our classroom, we designed Autumn Leaf Prints. That was a very enjoyable activity and our prints looked fantastic when we were finished!



Literacy group work fun

We have settled in very well to first class and we are working very hard on practicing our literacy skills. We have been busy doing group work, practicing our reading and writing skills and putting our new learning into action. Here we are completing writing stations, practicing our tricky words and magic ‘e’ words. Look how neat our writing is!




Autumn Fun in First Class!

We have been learning all about Autumn in First Class. We went on a lovely nature walk around the Nun’s walk to look out for signs of Autumn that we had been learning about. 

Learning about Autumn has been interesting. Nature is always changing and we identified all of the changes that accompany Autumn. Step outside and the beautiful colours of Autumn are everywhere! We noticed the changes happening all around us and collected lots of Autumn leaves, fruits and berries for our nature table in class.

We also made great use out of the Autumn leaves by using them for one of our Art lessons. We learned  all about printing and used beautiful Autumn colours to create leaf printings.




We have been working hard every day, listening to our teacher, being kind and helpful towards each other and trying our very best both with our classwork and homework. All of that hard work sometimes earns us golden time and our favourite golden time activity so far this term has been a visit to our wonderful school playground. We really enjoyed that!


It has been a VERY busy half-term for us first class pupils!