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Fifth Class

Fáilte romhat go rang a Cúig

We are delighted to be back at school in 5th class and have been very busy during term Check out some of the things we’ve been learning about below!

5th class BURST into life in October as we filled our hallways with some colourful balloons.

At the start of the month, we went on a nature walk to investigate all the trees and plants that we could find around our school. We were surprised to find so many and we even got to take a picture ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ just like our class novel!

We’ve been learning lots about the bog in geography and science this month. We’ve learned all about turf and we even practised ‘footing’ and ‘clamping’ turf in class!

We’ve been learning about graphs and charts in Maths. Have a look at some of our survey results that we conducted with other classes around the school!

We are all set for Halloween in 5th class! Check out our spook-tacular masks and lanterns

We celebrated Maths week from the 12th —16th of October and it’s difficult to SUM up how much fun we had! We investigated an old Mayan numberline and even got time to complete a few Maths trails!

We’ve had good fun this month playing quizzes and completing projects on our tablets. The Kahoot Quizzes are always an exciting competition! 

We have been learning all about Europe in 5th Class this month! Check out some of the impressive projects from Mr. Crudden’s class!

We have been going GAA-GAA for Gaelic Football this month! We’ve really been enjoying our extra PE in the sunshine!

We have been creating some fantastic 3D art here in 5th! Check out our Ants Theme Park and our 3D Masks!

We have been learning all about maps and grid references, we even designed our own board games!

We became Authors this month as we completed some fantastic Writing Workshops with Ms. Brady! We edited our stories and even designed covers