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Fourth Class

Fáilte Romhat go rang a Ceathair 

Spooktacular Halloween in St Clare’s

“We have been getting ready for Halloween in Ms. Sullivan’s 4th class with some spooky art work! 

First we did creepy witches legs…we wouldn’t like to meet her….!! 

Then we learned about the life of Pablo Picasso and created some Picasso inspired Frankensteins! 

Have a Spooktacular Halloween everybody!!

Friendship in Fourth Class

4th class spent a lot of time this September discussing the importance of friendship. We created our own friend ‘avatars’. We also wrote a description of what attributes we were looking for in a friend.



Museum Visit

We recently visited Cavan museum to find out all about the past.  We really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it



Art experiment. 

We were learning about how the artist Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. We thought it would be fun to see how easy or difficult it was to draw while lying on our backs. 

We’ve since discovered that Michelangelo didn’t actually lie on  his back to paint the chapel roof. But we had super fun!!


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

We learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in Geography and Science and the completed an art project on it. The Garbage patch is a huge area in the Pacific ocean, completely covered by plastic rubbish. It formed because currents catch and hold floating pieces of plastic. Many birds, turtles, and other sea animals go to Pacific Islands to lay their eggs and raise their young. Unfortunately, they eat the smaller pieces of plastic, thinking that they are food swimming in the ocean. They also get caught in the garbage. Millions of sea creatures die every year as a result of pollution from the Garbage Patch


Ms Carroll’s Class are Flying high with beautiful, textured Kite paintings.